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13% Percent Increase in Fatal Crashes on Oregon Roads
The number of people killed in fatal crashes in Oregon has gone up by 13 percent from last year. The Oregonian/OregonLive reported that the total number of deaths on city streets, freeways and county highways was driven up this summer …

Idaho’s High Court Considering Defamation by Inference Suit
The Idaho Supreme Court has heard arguments in a case that could determine whether individuals have the right to sue if they think someone implied, but didn’t outright say, something defamatory. The issue arose in a lawsuit brought last year …

Major Oil and Gas Firms Pledge to Cut Greenhouse Gases to Fight Climate Change
A group of the world’s top oil and gas companies pledged on Monday to slash emissions of a potent greenhouse gas by a fifth by 2025 in an effort to battle climate change. The Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI), …

Majesco Appoints Elster as CEO; Mehta Becomes Chairman
Insurance software and consulting firm Majesco has appointed Adam Elster as chief executive officer, effective October 1, 2018. The company said that Ketan Mehta, Majesco co-founder and current CEO, has decided to retire from the operational role after 36 years …

Chubb Appoints Konz as EVP, Reinsurance Officer, Overseas General Insurance
Chubb has named Jeremiah Konz as executive vice president, reinsurance officer for Chubb Overseas General Insurance, the company’s international general insurance business in over 50 countries and territories. Konz is currently senior vice president, Ceded Reinsurance for Chubb’s North American …

POSTED SEPTEMBER 25, 2018 12:35 PM
Judge Declares Mistrial in California J&J Talcum Cancer Case
Johnson & Johnson’s latest trial over claims that its baby powder causes cancer ended in a stalemate when jurors couldn’t agree on a verdict. A state judge in Pasadena, California, declared a mistrial Monday after jurors deadlocked on Carolyn Weirick’s …

POSTED SEPTEMBER 25, 2018 12:32 PM
Singapore’s Changi Airport Tests Terminal Run by Robots, Not Humans
Imagine landing at a major airport and the only human official you meet on your way through the terminal is a customs officer. Singapore’s Changi Airport, voted the world’s best for the past six years by Skytrax, is pursuing that …

POSTED SEPTEMBER 25, 2018 12:19 PM
UK Labour Party Sees 2nd Referendum as Way to Avoid Chaotic No-Deal Brexit
The U.K. opposition Labour Party plans to vote down Theresa May’s divorce agreement with the European Union, and sees a second referendum as a way of avoiding a chaotic no-deal Brexit. Labour’s Brexit spokesman Keir Starmer set out what he …

POSTED SEPTEMBER 25, 2018 12:04 PM
Global Insurers Realize Innovation Is Critical for Future Success: A.M. Best Survey
A significant majority of global insurers understand that innovation is increasingly becoming a competitive differentiator in the global marketplace, according to the results of an A.M. Best survey of its rated entities. More than 80 percent of survey respondents said …

POSTED SEPTEMBER 25, 2018 11:44 AM
Alliant Hires Potts to Its Employee Benefits Group in Virginia
Alliant has hired Arlene Potts as vice president within its Employee Benefits Group. Potts is based in Suffolk, Va., and will work with a portfolio of clients to provide strategic employee benefits services that aim to reduce healthcare costs and …

POSTED SEPTEMBER 25, 2018 10:56 AM

Yahoo News - Latest News & Headlines

Lindsey Graham: Blasey's Testimony Won't Sway My Vote 'Unless There's Something More'

Lindsey Graham: Blasey's Testimony Won't Sway My Vote 'Unless There's Something More'Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) on Sunday continued to voice skepticism about

POSTED SEPTEMBER 23, 2018 12:22 PM

11 Days After Florence, South Carolinians Are Bracing For The Worst

11 Days After Florence, South Carolinians Are Bracing For The WorstFlorence exited the U.S. last week after wreaking havoc across swathes of the


Donald Trump's New Presidential Cadillac Limo Steps Out

Donald Trump's New Presidential Cadillac Limo Steps OutFirst look at the new version of Donald Trump's presidential limousine, nicknamed the Beast, on duty in New York City.

POSTED SEPTEMBER 24, 2018 11:30 AM

Interstate Left Covered In Fish After Hurricane Florence Floodwaters Recede

Interstate Left Covered In Fish After Hurricane Florence Floodwaters RecedeFirefighters in North Carolina put their hoses to a different use over the


Thousands attend funeral for Iran attack dead

Thousands attend funeral for Iran attack deadThousands of people gathered Monday morning in the south-western Iranian city of Ahvaz for the funeral of those killed during an attack on a military parade. State TV reported that 12 of the 24 dead would be buried in Ahvaz, about 560 kilometres (350 miles) south of Tehran, while the others will be buried in their home towns. The ceremony in front of the Sarallah Mosque was attended by thousands of people including soldiers, clerics and officials.


This Indonesian Teenager Survived for 49 Days Adrift at Sea on a Wooden Raft

This Indonesian Teenager Survived for 49 Days Adrift at Sea on a Wooden RaftHe was rescued just off the coast of Guam


Japan's Hayabusa2 successfully deploys two rovers on the surface of an asteroid

Japan's Hayabusa2 successfully deploys two rovers on the surface of an asteroidIt's just like the movie Armageddon, but without the apocalypse scenario. The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has reason to celebrate after successfully deploying a pair of robots on the surface of an asteroid. The mission, which played out on Friday, aims to gather photos and data from the asteroid called Ryugu. SEE ALSO: Astronaut captures photos of ominous-looking Hurricane Florence from space The mission's success — marking the end of a four-year journey — was confirmed in a tweet on Saturday from JAXA's account for the Hayabusa2 asteroid explorer. We are sorry we have kept you waiting! MINERVA-II1 consists of two rovers, 1a & 1b. Both rovers are confirmed to have landed on the surface of Ryugu. They are in good condition and have transmitted photos & data. We also confirmed they are moving on the surface. #asteroidlanding — HAYABUSA2@JAXA (@haya2e_jaxa) September 22, 2018 A flood of imagery followed as the two hopping rovers — yes, they get around by hopping — set about their important task.  This is a picture from MINERVA-II1. The color photo was captured by Rover-1A on September 21 around 13:08 JST, immediately after separation from the spacecraft. Hayabusa2 is top and Ryugu's surface is below. The image is blurred because the rover is spinning. #asteroidlanding pic.twitter.com/CeeI5ZjgmM — HAYABUSA2@JAXA (@haya2e_jaxa) September 22, 2018 Photo taken by Rover-1B on Sept 21 at ~13:07 JST. It was captured just after separation from the spacecraft. Ryugu's surface is in the lower right. The misty top left region is due to the reflection of sunlight. 1B seems to rotate slowly after separation, minimising image blur. pic.twitter.com/P71gsC9VNI — HAYABUSA2@JAXA (@haya2e_jaxa) September 22, 2018 This dynamic photo was captured by Rover-1A on September 22 at around 11:44 JST. It was taken on Ryugu's surface during a hop. The left-half is the surface of Ryugu, while the white region on the right is due to sunlight. (Hayabusa2 Project) pic.twitter.com/IQLsFd4gJu — HAYABUSA2@JAXA (@haya2e_jaxa) September 22, 2018 You can keep up with the status of Hayabusa2's mission on JAXA's English-language website right here. There's also a post from JAXA discussing the mission here. As JAXA notes, MINERVA-II1 "is the world’s first rover (mobile exploration robot) to land on the surface of an asteroid. This is also the first time for autonomous movement and picture capture on an asteroid surface." WATCH: Elon Musk just unveiled images of SpaceX's ship that he hopes will be key to bringing people to Mars


Tanzania ferry death toll rises to 224, ship's managers detained

Tanzania ferry death toll rises to 224, ship's managers detainedTanzanian authorities said on Sunday the number of people who died in a ferry that capsized in Lake Victoria had risen to 224 and the vessel's managers had been detained for questioning. The ferry, MV Nyerere, sank on Thursday evening just a few meters from the dock on Ukerewe, the lake's biggest island. Works, Transport and Communication Minister Isack Kamwelwe told state broadcaster TBC the death toll had risen to 224 as of Sunday afternoon.


Eerie images showcase the hidden abandoned beauty of de facto republic

Eerie images showcase the hidden abandoned beauty of de facto republicThese images show eerily beautiful scenes of abandonment captured by British photographer James Kerwin in Abkhazia on the Black Sea.


Capitol Hill protests mark rising wave of Kavanaugh opposition

Capitol Hill protests mark rising wave of Kavanaugh oppositionThree days after Mitch McConnell vowed to “plow right through” the opposition to Brett Kavanaugh and install him on the Supreme Court, the halls of Congress filled with protesters invigorated by the latest allegations against the nominee.


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